Micro Homes are an excellent option for people who own property and need a place to live while building a permanent residence. A caravan is perfect for a bed & breakfast, as an office, studio, or extra bedroom. For people looking to become home owners, but not necessarily property owners and people looking to increase the living density on their property without permanent development, a caravan is the ideal solution. Structural Spaces’ micro homes are built on a trailer bed with a hitch and can be moved to different sites around a property or to a totally different location.

This micro home, built in 2005, now resides at Middle Mountain Mead Farm on Hornby Island, BC.


Caravan family home, hornby island


  •        280 square feet of living space

  •     Two bedrooms, one lower level and one in the loft

  •        Kitchen work space with propane stove top, hot water tank, running water

  •        Living and dining area

  •        Ample storage thanks to efficient design

  •        Custom milled woodworking featured throughout

Structural Spaces can build you a micro home customized to your needs. Contact Chad for pricing and design ideas and start building your home.